Not only were the sessions with Emprana enjoyable, relaxing and energising, what has been most valuable are the simple techniques that I am now able to employ on a daily basis to help deal with stress and workload. My working day is now boosted with energy at key points which I would have otherwise ordinarily felt fatigued. A brilliant glimpse into the future of how the corporate world can improve efficiency, productivity and general well-being and peace of mind.
— Nick Stickland, Creative Director/ Co founder, ODD

“Pranic Therapy helped me be more relaxed, focus on my presentation, whilst still maintaining the right amount of energy. A very gratifying experience.”
— Helmut Schuster Executive Vice President & Group Human Resources Director BP

I was fortunate to benefit from Emprana’s work at the Future Talent Conference. It was my first public speaking engagement on that scale so i was nervous about it when i arrived at the venue. However after experiencing Emprana’s no touch Pranic technique , i was so calm and focused when i walked on stage that i must admit it surprised me ! Thank you for helping to make my presentation such a positive experience !
— Amy Sawbridge , Head of Virgin People Strategy ( Virgin Management Ltd)

Thank you Angela and Tara for an eye opening session.
My staff have been using the techniques you gave us and we have had a relaxed, less stressed environment at work instantly. So many of my staff have commented on the simplicity of the teachings and tools which they were given as they are able to embed these into their daily schedule with amazing results. Looking forward to our next session.
— MK, Day Care Nurseries

Pranic Healing has the ability to put you at ease the moment that you enter the treatment room, initiated by an open conversation about one’s well-being, focus, self-awareness and present-moment orientation. Throughout the treatment I had a sense of warmth running through my body and was utterly relaxed, I could feel an inner smile. Afterwards I sat down in a quiet place and on reflection could immediately see why people have turned to Pranic Healing. I will be a regular participant and would like to thank Emprana for welcoming me into it’s world.
— Porteur Keene, Co-Founder, Changeboard

I have been receiving Pranic treatment for several months now and the results have been wonderful. I would have no hesitation in recommending it.
— Lady Wogan

My friend and I loved the session you gave. We haven’t sat so still and calm for years. It’s nice you gave us explanations on our thoughts. Everything you said we could relate too. Will try to continue the exercises and improve our wellbeing.

Thank you again
— SC Basingstoke

Jim at the Be Well Centre was recently treated with your Pranic Healing. He and I would like to thank you so much for your work. You have helped to ease the problem he has had with an artery in his neck since it was operated on nearly two years ago. You are indeed an angel. Sent with love the greatest energy.
— Val Stoner Henley

As the International Marketing Director of a global IT Software organisation, a wife and Mum of two boys, I have always been open to alternative energy related therapies! I have always strived for the impossible - the perfect work life balance and until I was introduced to Pranic Healing it was something I was failing at badly.

My first session with Emprana blew me away! I left feeling like a huge load had been lifted from my shoulders. I was more focused, balanced and ready to face any of the challenges that life was about to throw at me.

I now have a monthly one to one session and regularly attend the guided meditation sessions they run.

I am so grateful to Pranic Healing for finding me, it has truly made a difference to my life through.
— Sarah Moss