Talks & wellbeing Events
1/2 or full day

– Release stress and anxiety

– Induce calmness 

– Develop mental clarity

– Recharge your energy levels

Regular sessions throughout the year can help your team to work more productively and enhance working relationships with colleagues. Sessions can be structured to meet your needs.


One to One Pranic Therapy

Pranic Therapy is a non touch tried and tested system to help enhance your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. It rapidly reduces stress and helps you to feel in control of your thoughts and emotions. Pranic Therapy uses prana (energy) to balance, harmonise and transform your body's energy processes.

Regular one to one sessions to help enhance work productivity.

One to one sessions can also be incorporated into Company Rewards schemes.



 Supporting your teams emotional  wellbeing  to help ease them through challenging periods or to help cope with  change  e.g.:

Mergers and acquisitions

– Redundancy

– Military transition into employment

– Long term sickness

– Presenteeism 

– Motivation



Release stress & tension, experience calmness and emotional stability ahead of your presentation. By being in control of your thoughts and emotions, your delivery becomes more effective. With your mind focused and with a high level of mental clarity public speaking becomes effortless.

Pre event and on the day support available to help you to give amazing, articulate, confident presentations and talks.


Thank you for helping to make my presentation such a positive experience !

— Amy Sawbridge , Head of Virgin People Strategy ( Virgin Management Ltd)-



A two day self development course teaching you how to work with energy.

The course can be facilitated from an offsite location or in-house.

Available for all open minded employers and employees.

Your people are your most important asset and we can transform how they feel. The energy of an organisation is dependant on the energy levels of the management, workforce and the environment they work in.

– Empower your teams

– Give them tools for life

- Learn how to work with energy and watch your workforce thrive.

EMPRANA Environmental Energy Management Consultation

Creating a comfortable work environment, harnessing energy techniques that can impact on creativity, finances, productivity and ultimately affect the profitability of a business.