Emprana is all about bringing self development to the heart of business.

  • Rapidly relieve stress, anxiety and physical discomfort

  • Learn secrets to feeling calm and in control throughout the day

  • Sharpen the mind for enhanced efficiency and productivity

  • Gain knowledge to transform energy levels and the way you feel and work

Breathing techniques

Simple tried and tested techniques that have been found to reduce stress from the body, improve concentration and awareness and increase energy levels.


POwer generating exercises

Easy to learn, powerful rejuvenating exercises. Relieve tiredness, release stress, improve focus, boost energy levels and so much more. 


Pranic Therapy

One of the fastest growing complementary therapies in the world for physical, emotional & mental health. A non touch ground breaking approach that harnesses the natural energy - prana or life force that is all around us.  



Certain meditations can help release stress, induce calmness and sharpen the mind. Combined with specific breathing techniques meditation can have a transformational affect.


Environmental energy management

Create resilience, calmness, sharp minds, productivity, creativity, prosperity and so much more. A truly fascinating way forward to transform working environments. An innovative approach helping you understand how to keep workplaces healthier, happier and energised.