Secrets to rapidly ease back pain. Could it work for you?

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Back Pain

If you have experienced back pain you will know how debilitating, restrictive and uncomfortable it can be. When your body misbehaves it can stop you in your tracks and leave you physically unable to move or it can be a constant irritating pain, a thorn in your side that demands your total attention. To say it is stressful is an understatement, the mind just can’t seem to focus on anything else. Finding ways that work for you, to give you respite, relaxation and ultimately recovery is a search that many of us have had to make at some point in our lives to resolve this all to common condition.

Transformation and Performance

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting the team at The In Oxford Group. As part of our programme we offered them the chance to experience a short Pranic treatment. Pranic healing is a fast growing non touch complementary therapy for physical, emotional and mental health. It is currently used in over 126 countries worldwide and is a key part of the self development techniques we take into the workplace.

Pranic Therapy

The treatments are designed to soothe pain, rapidly reduce stress to help leave you feeling lighter, calmer and with more focus. Lorna Waterfield, Operations Manager at The In Oxford Group told us that she had been experiencing back pain, Lorna was cynical at the start of her session as to the effectiveness but things soon changed.

Given a massage without being touched
— Lorna Waterfield, Operations Manager, The In Oxford Group

Have a listen to what Lorna had to say after she experienced her first ever Pranic Therapy treatment.

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To find out if Pranic Therapy is a route to recovery for you or perhaps a colleague suffering with muscular pain or backache do get in touch and arrange a workplace session, you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.