How WELL will you work this year?

How many days have you been back at work since Christmas?

Are you stressed yet?

Do you worry?

It really doesn't take long to fall back into patterns of old, repeating the same good intentions about working differently, finding the balance and not taking too much on. How soon before you are swamped, not only with the demands of your job but also by home life, relationships, social activities and other outside interests.

Burnt out again by 1st March and craving the next holiday?

Unless we make a conscious decision to sit down, review and  make simple changes to  our daily lifestyles to manage stress levels we will probably continue to run ourselves down until illness strikes again and then it's a case of either, carry on regardless or disappearing under the duvet until the body is up to facing life again. 

Sound familiar ?

Photo by amana productions inc./amana images / Getty Images
Photo by amana productions inc./amana images / Getty Images

It doesn't take long before Companies are clocking up sick days and watching productivity slip.

You don't want to be ill.

Your boss needs you well.

By investing in individual self development, clear thinking, resilient, calm , happy and productive people come together to create great teams empowered to drive organisations forward,

By introducing self development tools and techniques into your lifestyle  you not only transform how you feel on a daily basis you become empowered with the energy you need to  ensure a productive, fruitfully working day full of focus, emotional stability and mental clarity and  yet still have enough energy in reserve to enjoy your life outside of work.

How WELL will you work this's up to you. 

When you are internally strong your ability to achieve success is greater


EMPRANA  Introduce self development into the heart of business. We do this through a groundbreaking approach to wellbeing that harnesses the natural energy — prana, or life force — that is all around us.