Overcoming Fear - Go Beyond the Mind

Photo by 2Mmedia/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by 2Mmedia/iStock / Getty Images
Fear is an absolute necessity. It keeps us alive. But you have to distinguish between fear based on reality and fear based on imagination

Go beyond the mind. Everything is energy including your thoughts. Thoughts are real. When you start to see fears, anxieties, doubts, limiting beliefs as, negative thoughts - particles of energy lodged in your energetic system you can start introducing an energetic approach  to taking  control of your emotions.

Your mind is like a management system. It processes and stores information like a library and then uses the library as a point of reference.

Past fears in the form of energetic blockages become points of reference which then leads to procrastination and can stop you from  doing things you wish to do in your life.

A  example of this can be seen in Disney Pixars 2015 film “ Inside Out”

A childrens film that shows how the thoughts and emotions we create affect our actions and behaviour.

Simple techniques such as affirmations to create positive thoughts are empowering and will help you to raise your self up out of the internal turmoil that can be felt within you

TIP ONE:  Delivering a great speech - Creating positive thought through affirmation

Do some rhythmic Pranic Breathing. Start by placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth at the soft palette, close your eyes and exhale . Now take a slow deep breathe in, filling your abdomen for a count of 7 then hold for a count of one before exhaling softly out for a count of 7, be aware of your abdomen deflating and your navel sinking towards your spine, now  hold again for one count before repeating the cycle 6 more times .

Open your eyes, give yourself a reassuring tap on the shoulder, inwardly smile at your heart ,  repeatedly visualise yourself as speaking with confidence and clarity and then be open minded and say to yourself: 

I am that I am

I am not the body

I am not the emotions

I am not the thoughts

I am not the mind.

The mind is just a subtle instrument of the soul

I am the soul.

I am that I am  


Go beyond the mind & just do it!