Its all Bull.....

Meditate on the target

Meditate on the target

It's a Bullseye !

Have you noticed that when your MIND is still you can FOCUS on what you are trying to ACHIEVE .

Scientifically proven , Meditation  on Twin Hearts can help you to FOCUS  whether it's  on a work deadline , exam , sporting event or a  personal goal, flushing out unwanted distracting thoughts leads to mental clarity. Allowing time for your body to relax will help you  to release any stress and tension you may be holding on to and will give your body the chance to recharge and draw in more energy ready for the task ahead.

The more you  only think about your target and flush out , ignore  get rid of  distracting thoughts , doubts , fears and anyone trying to persuade you otherwise the more likely you are to hit the TARGET

Remove your inner obstacles , then go for your target.
— Achieve the Impossible - MCKS