Bombarded with a little too much information !

Work , Work , Work


 Sometimes pressures and deadlines are so demanding that it feels as if your head  is going to explode,   just can't take any more ! 

Computers feel that way too  , multiple programmes open , trying to process lots of different activities , leading to spinning balls and crashing computers . It's just too much to take all at once. System overload ! flashing lights ! bells and whistles !. Emergency button hit and everything comes to a grinding halt.

Remedy  - Take a break , clean up the system , get rid of unwanted programmes and blockages , reboot and off you go again , faster and able to cope with more demands, productivity resumed.

Sound familiar?

Too much overload and something has to give . Resilient to a point , minds and bodies will cope with so much pressure but if that pressure doesn't ease and mechanisms aren't in place to handle and react to the pressure then malfunction appears in the form of illness either physical , mental or both. 

Recognising that working  efficiently , productively  with focus and clarity and with  the ability to become increasing resilient to added workload  can become the norm when  time is taken to "Clean up"  & "Power up " our systems  ,work life  becomes a whole lot easier.

Essential  tools  for  todays workplace.

Integrating  simple easy to learn "energy"  techniques into Company Culture  will  help individuals to  feel  great but also help to  keep the Chairman  happy because ultimately , happy healthy teams equals productivity equals profitability ! 



Keep your personal energy tank clean and full
— Master Stephen Co