An energetic approach to getting a good nights sleep.

Photo by bowie15/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by bowie15/iStock / Getty Images

Sleep is one of those subjects that seems to rule our lives in the same way that the weather can. It's one of those topics that often comes up in conversation, particularly if you are a working parent with resilient little ones that refuse to keep their eyes shut all night.

Even if you don't have children, insomnia is fast becoming one of the challenging conditions of modern life.

Insomnia, is thought to affect 1 in 3 people in the UK and has been defined by the NHS as:-

Insomnia is difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep for long enough to feel refreshed in the morning.

Sleepy employees, struggling to cope with workload will eventually impact on productivity and efficiency. You know that and so does your employer. So how to solve the sleep situation?

Every solution and piece of good advice  offered on the internet  and in doctors surgeries will resonate with someone somewhere  and may be the key that works for them.

There is  another consideration.

Stress is long acknowledged as a culprit to cause insomnia, however understanding exactly what we mean when we say stress will help to unravel the insomnia nightmare.

Stress is  actually an "energy" that you often hold on to. Too much stress energy in your system means that your energy body is congested, overloaded and can't function effectively. By removing the stress "energy" your body is able to relax and sustaining sleep becomes much easier.


How to remove stress energy 


No need to be a monk sitting in a temple on top of a mountain. Modern day meditation is fast becoming as essential as brushing your teeth on a daily basis. Certain meditations allow the body to relax, they relieve stress and anxiety, boost your immune system, give you clarity and focus and ultimately allow you to have a good nights sleep. Introducing meditation in to Company Culture will reap benefits for everyone.

Pranic Therapy

A tried & tested system. An energetic approach to relieving insomnia. A simple yet powerful system that works on the principal that the body is a self healing organism.

Many professionals including doctors,nurses,psychotherapists, therapists. business professionals and parents who run busy families are now utilising Pranic Healing alongside orthodox medicine

By using an energetic approach to overcome insomnia, employees are not only refreshed and revitalised, they can  become happier, energised  and more productive!

How does that sound?

Good Night!